The majority of single day UW–Madison sponsored youth activities and programs will be offered in person for spring 2022. Multi-day programs will resume in summer. Masking and other requirements are in place. For more information please visit UW–Madison COVID response FAQ’s.

Bascom Hall in the fall

NetID Login for Program Administrators

The Office of Youth Protection & Compliance is a central resource to all University of Wisconsin–Madison departments that offer youth programming. Individual departments develop high-quality programs for youth, and OPYPC provides support by:

  • Sharing expertise on youth protection policies and best practices
  • Enforcing a specific process for programs to meet youth protection standards
  • Auditing programs as they occur to verify adherence to youth protection standards
  • Securing scholarship and grant opportunities for precollege programs across campus to make them accessible to more youth

In addition to supporting UW–Madison precollege programs, OPYPC provides youth protection training and professional development for program staff, administrators, and other adult leaders of youth programs. Browse course offerings.

Our safety commitment

Read our commitment to safeguarding youth who attend UW–Madison precollege programs.