The majority of single day UW-Madison sponsored youth activities and programs will be offered in person for Fall 2021. Multi-day programs will resume later in fall. Masking and other requirements are in place. For more information please review the policy for youth activities and screening and program logistics for in-person single day youth activities. We are committed to delivering quality academic and community-building experiences and look forward to learning with our students this fall.

About Us

Office of Youth Protection and Compliance (OYPC)

The Office of Youth Protection and Compliance (OYPC) serves as a central resource at UW–Madison. We support youth programs by

  • sharing expertise on youth protection policies and best practices;
  • establishing and enforcing specific processes for programs to meet youth protection standards;
  • coaching staff to work toward implementing best practices for youth programs;
  • providing youth protection training and professional development for program staff, administrators, and other adult leaders of youth programs.

OYPC also collaborates with members of the UW–Madison Precollege Council and administrative departments across campus to develop processes and procedures that meet requirements and achieve compliance with youth protection standards.

Our Staff

Aphra Mednick

Credentials: Associate Dean - Academic Affairs and Programming

Position title: Interim Director


Phone: (608) 265-8041

Keri Robbins

Position title: Compliance Specialist


Phone: 608-265-3531